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MyNatur iRelaxTea

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MyNatur iRelaxTea

The healing power of this tea increases the well-being and quality of life for body and mind in today's challenging time of the 21st century.

The mixture of iRelaxTee is composed in such a way that it has a calming and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul. The substances work on a deeper level against tension and can improve the cool-down phase before sleep.

The motto: "Cool down and enjoy the relaxation from everyday life"

  • iRelaxTee has an anxiolytic and neuroprotective effect
  • iRelaxTee reduces the effects of chronic stress such as anxiety, tension and insomnia
  • iRelaxTee helps with inner restlessness and has an anxiety-relieving effect
  • iRelaxTee has a calming effect on the central nervous system and protects the nerves from overstimulation

Composition: DownerTee deep relaxation

100 gram

  • 40% catnip
  • 40% lemon mint
  • 18% lavender
  • 2% stevia
iRelax Tee Mockup MyNatur Echte Katzenminze Zitronenmelisse Lavendel
iRelax Tee Mockup MyNatur Echte Katzenminze Zitronenmelisse Lavendel Etikette
MyNatur Tee

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