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MyNatur natural potency wood

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    Buy natural aphrodisiac with Muira Puama - potency wood online

    Stress in everyday life, age-related hormone changes, pressure to perform: there are many factors that can have a negative impact on the libido of men and women. A natural active ingredient to increase sexual desire and performance is Muira Puama. The bark of the tree of the same name from the rainforest is also known as potency wood.

    Erection problems in men and sexual reluctance in women are associated with shame for many people. Going to the doctor is often associated with inhibitions. In addition, there are the side effects that the majority of pharmaceutical drugs used to increase potency or pleasure bring with them. With its unique nutrient composition, Muira Puama bark powder can serve as a herbal alternative to these chemical sexual enhancers. In the form of capsules, you can integrate it discreetly and conveniently into your everyday life.

    Muira Puama has been used as an aphrodisiac by the indigenous peoples of South America's Rio Negro for centuries. In combination with the herbs ginkgo, guarana and camu-camu, it can lead to an overall strengthening of the body and mind. A harmonious interplay of these two levels is crucial for male potency and female pleasure.

    In this article you will find out how potency wood can help men and women with a weak libido and what advantages the bark of the Muira Puama offers over chemical agents.

    This is what you need to know about potency wood

    • Muira Puama powder is made from the bark of the tree that gives it its name.
    • Ginkgo is a plant that originally comes from China.
    • Guarana is a species of plant native to the Amazon basin.
    • Camu-Camu is a myrtle plant from the Amazon region.

    What is potency wood?

    The bark and the root of the Muira Puama are called potency wood. The small tree grows wild in the Amazon rainforest and has the scientific name Ptychopetalum olacoides. With a maximum height of five meters, it hardly catches the eye - and yet it is one of the most important medicinal plants of the indigenous peoples. For centuries they have been peeling the bark from the tree in order to crush it and grind it for further processing.

    The plant owes its nickname potency tree to its aphrodisiac properties, which the natives of the Rio Negro swear by. According to their traditions, they prepare teas with the powdered bark of Muira Puama or process its flowers into tinctures. The inhabitants of the rainforest use the plant mainly to increase libido. In addition, it is used in their culture against rheumatism, digestive problems and circulatory disorders.

    According to legend, the English brought potency wood to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is known as the natural counterpart to the pharmaceutical industry's sexual enhancers. It is available as a loose powder or in capsule form. The special feature: Muira Puama is one of the few potency-enhancing drugs that can have an effect on both men and women.

    How does potency wood affect men and women?

    In order to understand the possible mode of action of Muira Puama, it is worth taking a look at its components. Despite its low stature, the tree is a powerhouse with a balanced combination of nutrients.

    This is in the power tree:

    • vitamins
    • proteins
    • free fatty acids
    • essential oils
    • sterols
    • the alkaloid muirapuamine

    As the name suggests, the alkaloid muirapuamine is unique to the potency tree. This is a chemical compound of plant origin. Alkaloids are attributed psychoactive properties. In the human brain, muirapuamine can have a stimulating effect. This in turn can fuel sexual desire.

    The active ingredients of the potency tree should be able to promote the blood supply to the pelvic region. For men, this can help achieve an erection. In addition, capsules with Muira Puama powder can help to prolong the duration of the erection. If taken regularly, the natural aphrodisiac can lead to an increased production of testosterone.

    In women, the increased blood supply to the pelvic region can counteract sexual reluctance and vaginal dryness. Regular intake of Muira Puama can also contribute to an increased release of the sex hormone in female users. The bark of the potency tree is also said to have antispasmodic properties for menstrual cramps.

    Potency tree bark powder can also have positive effects on the mental health of both men and women. It can have a stress-relieving, concentration-enhancing and enlightening effect.

    The correct use of capsules with potency wood

    When using our capsules, you should pay attention to the information on the back of the container. The recommended consumption is two capsules per day. You can flexibly determine the time and division of the application. Make it part of your morning routine or take it before bed.

    As a purely herbal sexual enhancer, the intensity of the increase in potency can vary from person to person. We offer you the capsules as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical products with a chemical composition. It is best to give the product enough time to take effect.

    Secure payment, fast shipping: Discover the natural power of herbal potency wood and conveniently order your pack of 60 capsules to your home.

    Potenzholz Kapseln MyNatur mit Muira Puama Ginkgo Guarana Camu Camu, Swiss Made
    MyNatur Potenzholz Male Power Ginkgo Guarana Muira puama
    Potenzholz Kapseln MyNatur mit Muira Puama Ginkgo Guarana Camu Camu, Swiss Made
    Potenzholz Kapseln MyNatur mit Muira Puama Ginkgo Guarana Camu Camu
    MyNatur natural potency wood

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