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    Harmonious interaction of body and mind - buy Flow Power capsules online

    Processing sensory stimuli, fending off pathogens, ensuring blood circulation: what sounds simple requires the perfect interaction of different body regions. In order for this ongoing exchange to function smoothly, your body needs a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. If they are missing over a longer period of time, this can lead to fatigue and a drop in performance.

    With our harmonious mixture of ginkgo, ginger, cocoa and camu camu, you supply your body with the substances it needs for its own processes. Thanks to the practical capsule form, you can easily integrate the dietary supplement into your everyday life. For a strong immune system or as a booster to increase your mental performance - pamper your body and mind with the pure power of nature.

    At this point we will tell you what advantages our Flow Power capsules offer you as part of a healthy diet.

    This is what you absolutely need to know about our Flow Power capsules

    • Ginkgo leaf powder is rich in phytochemicals.
    • Ginger root powder is high in vitamin C and minerals.
    • Raw cocoa powder contains the slightly stimulating substance theobromine.
    • Camu camu powder is made from the Amazonian fruit of the same name and is high in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and A.
    • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) is a natural, vegan capsule shell.

    What is ginkgo good for?

    Ginkgo is said to have a positive influence on the flow properties of the blood. With this effect, the plant is said to promote blood flow to the peripheral vessels - i.e. the arteries in the thigh, knee, lower leg and other body regions outside the heart. Ginkgo is also said to promote memory and communication between nerve cells.

    Ginkgo is a tree originally from China. Its roots, seeds, bark and leaves play a central role in traditional Chinese medicine. To this day it is used there as an alternative treatment for bladder infections, asthma and coughs. But also in Europe, the powder of its leaves is used in the production of medicines against dizziness and ringing in the ears.

    For our Flow Power mixture, we combine the plant substance with cocoa, among other things. This is rich in so-called flavanols - secondary plant substances that belong to the group of polyphenols. They have an antioxidant effect and capture free radicals. In this way, they help to protect the cells. Cocoa contains the amino acid tryptophan, which your body converts into the happiness hormone serotonin. This can improve your mental well-being and reduce stress.

    What are the effects of ginger on the body?

    Ginger can help strengthen the body's defenses and curb the proliferation of certain viruses. In addition, the tuber is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. It contains valuable trace elements that are involved in the energy metabolism and the oxygen supply to the body.

    The high content of vitamin C makes ginger an effective supporter of the immune system. It also contains gingerol, which is used in alternative medicine to treat pain. With iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and magnesium, the proportion of trace elements and minerals is high - just right for our Flow Power composition.

    We combine the root powder of the ginger root with the fruit powder of the superfood Camu Camu. It contains a complex of vitamins A, B and C. Your body needs vitamins to keep your energy and vitality level constant. In combination with zinc, iron and magnesium, vitamin C in particular can have a positive effect on your brain performance. This can have a stimulating effect and increase your perception and ability to concentrate.

    What is special about the mix of Flow Power capsules?

    The four plant substances in our Flow Power capsules for oral use are optimally coordinated. The vitamin C contained in camu camu fruit powder contributes to the structural health of the blood vessels, while the ginkgo leaf powder can have a positive effect on blood circulation. The trace elements copper, manganese, zinc and iron in the ginger root powder ensure that the body's processes run smoothly, while the theobromine in the raw cocoa powder can stimulate the circulation.

    Our Flow Power capsules at a glance:

    • With four valuable plant substances.
    • Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    • Vegan capsule made from harmless natural material.
    • Manufactured with great care in Switzerland.
    • Without unnecessary additives such as coloring and preservatives.
    • Free from lactose and gluten.

    When developing our dietary supplements, we at MyNatur rely on high-quality ingredients of natural origin. In addition, we strive to make the use of our products comfortable for you. For this reason we fill the mixture into 60 capsules made of natural HPMC. This dosage form is more convenient than taking the loose powder.

    The correct use of our Flow Power capsules

    When taking our dietary supplements, please stick to the recommended dosage. You can find it on the back of the packaging. With this powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, we recommend two capsules a day. Take them in the morning and/or evening with plenty of liquid.

    In our shop you will find many other products with which you can supply your body with important vital substances. Our capsules and drops fit harmoniously into your everyday life. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our dietary supplements. Make sure to integrate our vital substances into a healthy diet.

    Bring body and mind into harmony: Order the Flow Power capsules for taking at home and experience the positive effect that our balanced mixture can have on your organism.
    Flow Power Kapseln MyNatur mit Ginkgo Ingwer Kakaopulver Camu Camu Swiss Made
    MyNatur Flow Power Ginkgo Ingwer Kakao
    Flow Power Kapseln MyNatur mit Ginkgo Ingwer Kakaopulver Camu Camu Swiss Made
    Flow Power Kapseln MyNatur mir Ginkgo Ingwer Kakaopulver Camu Camu
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