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MyNatur vitamins Q10/E

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The power duo for cell protection - buy coenzyme Q10 drops + vitamin E online

Radiant skin, an intact immune system and healthy organs are not a matter of luck, but the impressive work of tiny cells. They can only go about their important work unhindered if they are protected from external disturbances.

Q10 and vitamin E play a central role here. They harmonize perfectly with each other and are a powerful team when it comes to cell protection. But they are not always present in sufficient quantities in the body. You can compensate for this with our easy-to-take drops.

In this article, we will tell you why our coenzyme Q10 drops + vitamin E are an ideal addition to your healthy nutrition plan. You will also learn more about the special advantage of our dietary supplements: the innovative micellar technology.

You absolutely have to know that about our coenzyme Q10 drops + vitamin E

  • Q10 (ubiquinone) is a vitamin-like substance that is essential for mitochondrial energy production.
  • Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopherol) is an important antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals.
  • Gum arabic is a natural emulsifier extracted from the acacia tree.
  • The power duo can contribute to the health of your body cells.
  • The drops are made using micellar technology - for increased bioavailability.

What is Q10 good for?

Q10 is a coenzyme that has a supporting effect on various enzymes in the body. In this function, it makes a decisive contribution to cell health and promotes energy production in the mitochondria. As ubiquinone (Latin «ubique»: everywhere) it occurs throughout the body. The highest concentration is found in the heart, lungs and liver.

The coenzyme fulfills its most important task in the power plants of the cells. These so-called mitochondria convert food into energy and make it available to the organism. The coenzyme favors this process. As one of the most effective antioxidants, it also protects cells from oxidative stress. This can prevent premature skin aging and contribute to smoother, plumper skin.

Your body produces the enzyme helper itself – but the amount produced decreases significantly with age. In food, you can find the substance in animal products with a high fat content such as fish, meat, liver and eggs. If you're vegan, nuts, green vegetables, legumes, and soybean oil are good options. But: At high cooking temperatures, the coenzyme partially decomposes. You can compensate for this with our dietary supplement.

What is vitamin E good for?

Vitamin E is responsible for cell protection. It intercepts aggressive oxygen compounds and preserves the healthy cell structure. This prevents the formation of wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. In its cell-protecting function, it also contributes to strengthening the immune system and to the health of hair, skin, nails and bones. In sufficient amounts, vitamin E can have a positive effect on heart health.

As an antioxidant, vitamin E stops free radicals before they can damage cells. The reactive compounds are a waste product of the natural cell process, but they also have an effect on the cells from the outside - for example through cigarette smoke and UV rays. In combination with Q10, the high antioxidant effect of vitamin E unfolds optimally, because the coenzyme can reuse used vitamin E.

Your body is not able to produce this important vital substance itself. You can find vitamin E in plant foods like sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, nuts, and green vegetables. Meeting your daily requirements (between 11 and 17 mg depending on gender and age) through diet alone can be difficult. Use our dietary supplement products, which can be precisely dosed, to supply your body with the valuable vitamin E in sufficient quantities.

What is the benefit of Q10 drops + vitamin E with micellar technology?

Coenzymes and certain vitamins are fat-soluble substances. In order to be able to absorb them, your body must first pack them up – a so-called micelle is formed. This natural process takes a lot of time and energy. For this reason, your body can only absorb a small proportion of fat-soluble substances. This is also known as low bioavailability.

For our products, we rely on innovative micellar technology to increase the bioavailability of the substances. This is a process based on nature's example, which relieves your body of the arduous "packaging process". The vital substances are placed in a tiny ball with a water-soluble shell. They get into your bloodstream more easily and in larger quantities.

For you, the micellar technology ensures that your body can utilize the vital substances supplied. Without this process, you would excrete most of the valuable substances unused. Another advantage for you is the liquid dosage form that results from the technology - it makes it easier for you to take it.

The right application

When taking our dietary supplements, please note the consumption recommendation on the back of the packaging. We recommend a dosage of ten drops per day.

In the morning in breakfast juice or in the evening before going to bed with a glass of water - you decide when and how you take it. You receive the drops in a well-sealed, handy-sized bottle, so that you can pack them in your bag and take them on the go when you need them.

Natural, highly dosed and with a short list of ingredients: Order your bottle of Q10 drops + vitamin E conveniently at home and convince yourself of the positive effects of the powerful duo.
Coenzym Q10 Vitamin E Mizellen MyNatur Hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
Vorteile und Wirkungen von Coenzym Q10 und Vitamin E und der Mizellentechnologie
Coenzym Q10 Vitamin E Mizellen MyNatur Hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
Coenzym Q10 Vitamin E Mizellen MyNatur hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
MyNatur vitamins Q10/E

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