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MyNatur Curcumin

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    Pure power of nature with high bioavailability - buy turmeric drops online

    Bright yellow, purely natural and full of power: turmeric is healthy and much more than a delicious cooking ingredient for curries and chutneys. In traditional Ayurveda and in traditional Chinese medicine, it has been considered a medicinal plant for thousands of years. As part of these alternative healing methods, it is still used today for the health of bones and joints. In Europe, turmeric is known as a natural means of supporting a normally functioning digestion.

    The plant, also known as turmeric, yellow ginger or saffron root, contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is said to have an antioxidant effect. The use of turmeric as a liquid extract is particularly practical. In this form, you can dose the dietary supplement exactly and take it comfortably. Best of all: The turmeric drops in our shop were made using micellar technology, so your body can absorb the active ingredients better.

    In this article you will find out exactly why you should integrate turmeric drops into your healthy lifestyle. We will also tell you what micellar technology is all about and what advantages it offers you in connection with our turmeric drops.

    This is what you need to know about turmeric drops with micellar technology

    • Curcumin is the herbal active ingredient of turmeric - a tuber from South Asia.
    • Gum arabic is a natural emulsifier extracted from the acacia tree.
    • Curcumin can have a positive effect on digestion.
    • High-dose curcumin drops can help your body control inflammatory reactions.
    • The micellar technology allows the body to better absorb the curcumin.

    What is the Difference Between Turmeric and Curcumin?

    The secondary plant substance of turmeric is called curcumin. He is responsible for the yellow-orange color of the plant. Turmeric is the actual tuber that contains the curcumin. In the field of dietary supplements, the terms are used interchangeably, as extracts of turmeric in liquid or powdered form contain curcumin.

    Turmeric - scientifically known as Curcuma Longa - grows in South Asia to a maximum height of one meter. In Asian cuisine, the plant is an integral part of aromatic dishes. The subterranean rootstock is used for spice production, the food industry and for the production of food supplements. The tuber contains minerals, essential oils, fibers and a cocktail of so-called curcuminoids. The most active of them is the already mentioned curcumin.

    For the production of food supplements, the curcuminoids are extracted from the tuber and processed into drops or powder. From this point, the quality of the final product depends on the ingredients used and the dosage of curcumin. Our turmeric drops are highly dosed and free from unnecessary additives. In this way, you benefit from the full range of the natural active ingredients of the turmeric plant.

    How do turmeric drops affect the well-being of the human body?

    Turmeric is used to support normal gastrointestinal function. This digestive property is based on the body's own processes, which can be favored by the root. It can stimulate the production of bile and its secretion through the gallbladder. This in turn can promote fat digestion in the small intestine and promote bowel movements. If you often suffer from bloating or constipation, turmeric can help prevent and/or alleviate the symptoms.

    Already knew? A dietary supplement with a promoting effect on the function of the small intestine can also strengthen the immune system. This part of your body is where the cells that fight off pathogens are located. An intact small intestinal mucosa is important for the integrity of the body's defenses. Liquid curcumin with high bioavailability can contribute to this condition.

    The yellow-orange power tuber from Asia is also said to have a slightly anti-inflammatory effect. It can act on enzymes involved in certain inflammatory reactions in your body. In this way, turmeric drops can help your organism to control the processes. As a secondary plant active ingredient, the curcumin contained in the drops is also considered an antioxidant. This can offer your body protection from free radicals.

    In which form does turmeric work best: powder, capsule or drops?

    As a dietary supplement, turmeric is easiest to take in liquid form. With the drops you avoid the consistency of turmeric powder, which takes some getting used to, and the taking of capsules. In addition to the dosage form, the composition and processing are also relevant for the effect of curcumin. With the turmeric drops in our shop, we focus on the essentials.

    Curcumin drops from MyNatur at a glance:

    • High dosage of active ingredients.
    • 100% vegan.
    • Free from lactose and gluten.
    • Swiss made.
    • Increased bioavailability through micellar technology.

    Curcumin is a fat-soluble substance that the body can only absorb to a limited extent. As a powder or conventional extract, you excrete most of the active ingredient unused. At MyNatur we solve this problem with micellar technology. Here, the fat-soluble curcumin is placed in a water-soluble shell - so-called micelles are formed. They are also known as nutrient taxis.

    This name is apt because they bring the active ingredient into the digestive tract undamaged and facilitate absorption. The curcumin gets into the bloodstream and from there to the parts of the body where its effect is supposed to unfold. This is also known as increased bioavailability. The technology is essential for hard-to-absorb nutrients like curcumin so you can reap the benefits of the dietary supplement.

    Proper use of liquid curcumin with micellar technology

    With our natural turmeric drops, the recommended dosage is ten drops per day. Thanks to the liquid dosage form, you can flexibly decide how you take it - straight on the tongue, in water or mixed with juice. The actual application is simple: shake the container and use the supplied pipette in the lid to remove the ten drops.

    In our shop you can get the natural dietary supplement in a practical, handy-sized bottle. Pack them so that you can take the drops regularly on the go or when travelling.

    Buy liquid turmeric - with high bioavailability thanks to modern micellar technology. Experience the positive effect of our natural curcumin drops on your body and conveniently order the practical bottle to your home.
    Curcuma MyNatur Mizellen Swiss Made hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
    Vorteile und Wirkungen von Kurkuma Immunbooster und der Mizellentechnologie
    Curcuma MyNatur Mizellen Swiss Made hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
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    Curcuma Curcumin Mizellen MyNatur Hohe Bioverfügbarkeit Swiss Made
    MyNatur Curcumin

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