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MyNature iRelax

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    For rest and relaxation - buy iRelax capsules online

    The stress and hectic pace of everyday life can disrupt the balance between body and mind. This can lead to tiredness, exhaustion and a reduced ability to concentrate. A persistent state of inner turmoil can also lead to permanent stress and a feeling of mental imbalance. If you know this state and long for well-deserved relaxation, our iRelax capsules are a sensible choice.

    The gentle mixture can have a positive effect on your mood and help you with insomnia. In this capacity, it can be used as a herbal alternative to conventional sleeping pills and tranquilizers. For the formula we have combined two classics of Ayurveda with a star of traditional Chinese medicine and a popular crop - enriched with a vitamin-rich superfood. So nothing stands in the way of relaxing moments.

    In this article you will find out why you should use our iRelax capsules to calm your nerves and what advantages our natural mixture offers you. We will also tell you more about the herbal components of the product.

    You absolutely have to know this about our iRelax capsules

    • Ashwagandha root powder is obtained from the Asian plant of the same name.
    • Guduchi powder comes from the vine of the same name that grows in the tropical regions of India.
    • Baikal skullcap (also: «blue skullcap») belongs to the mint family and grows in the northern regions of East Asia.
    • Hops belong to the genus of hemp plants and are mainly grown in the USA and Germany.
    • Camu camu is a berry fruit from the Amazon region.
    • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose is a vegan capsule shell made from natural cellulose.

    What are Ashwagandha and Guduchi?

    Ashwagandha and Guduchi are two Asian plants used in the traditional medicine of India called Ayurveda. They have been revered there for thousands of years for their balancing effect on the psyche. They are often used against inner restlessness and tension. They should lead to more serenity and mental clarity.

    Both Ashwagandha and Guduchi contain phytochemicals that are said to have a calming effect on the nerves. They are said to relieve states of anxiety, restore the balance of the mind and counteract restlessness. Guduchi is one of the most sacred plants in Ayurveda and can have both a revitalizing and calming effect.

    Both plants belong to the so-called adaptogens - a special group in alternative medicine. They can help your mind adapt better to mental and physical exertion. This can reduce your stress level in everyday life and help you fall asleep at night. The combination of the two Asian plants allows you to enjoy relaxation and tranquility without feeling tired.

    How does blue skullcap affect the psyche?

    Blue skullcap is considered in alternative medicine to be a psychoactive plant with a positive influence on the mind. In traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy, it is used to treat insomnia, cramps and anxiety because of this property. Their effect is described as gentle and is often compared to the effect of Bach flowers or valerian.

    This sleep-inducing herb is ideal for our iRelax capsules. We combine it with hops. It is also said to have a sleep-inducing effect, which is said to be based on the xanthohumol it contains. Hops can help relieve nervousness, tension, and other negative states of mind that get in the way of moments of relaxation. Our plant-based iRelax capsules are rounded off by Camu Camu. The berry fruit is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, which is important for the immune system, cell protection and metabolism.

    What is special about the iRelax mixture from MyNatur?

    When putting together our products, we at MyNatur attach particular importance to the harmony of the plant substances. In this way, the effect of the components meshes perfectly. For our iRelax capsules we have chosen a mixture of stress-reducing ashwagandha and uplifting guduchi. We deliberately added sleep-promoting hops and calming skullcap to deepen the possible positive effect on your nerves.

    Advantages of our iRelax mixture at a glance:

    • With valuable vitamins, building alkaloids and secondary plant substances.
    • Pure herbal mixture in a vegan capsule shell.
    • May help calm nerves and help with insomnia.
    • Manufactured in Switzerland to high quality standards.
    • Free from unnecessary additives such as preservatives, aromas, sweeteners or colorings.

    The balanced composition can serve as a herbal alternative to chemical tranquilizers. It is subtle and gentle, so that you slowly come to rest. This special feature makes it suitable not only in the evening before going to bed. You can also take iRelax if you want to treat yourself to a comfortable day in bed - free from inner restlessness and mental tension.

    The correct use of our iRelax capsules

    When using our dietary supplements, note the consumption recommendation on the back of the packaging. For iRelax we recommend two capsules a day. How quickly the effect of the herbal substances sets in depends on individual factors. Give them enough time to develop their positive effects.

    Discover the other dietary supplements in our range. Our MyNatur shop contains individual vitamins and compositions of valuable vital substances - in liquid form or as capsules. In this way you can adapt the effect and the dosage form to your individual needs. Always combine our products with a balanced diet.

    Fast and safe delivery from Switzerland: Order your iRelax capsules conveniently at home and experience how your mind regains its natural balance.

    iRelax Kapseln MyNatur mit Guduchi Helmkraut Blau Ashwagandha Hopfen, Swiss Made
    MyNature iRelax
    iRelax Kapseln MyNatur mit Guduchi Helmkraut Blau Ashwagandha Hopfen, Swiss Made
    IRelax Kapseln MyNatur mit Guduchi Helmkraut Blau Ashwagandha Hopfen
    MyNature iRelax

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