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MyNature Vitamin C

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    Important vital substance for your health - buy vitamin C drops online

    Vitamin C is widely known as an immune system supporter. In fact, the vital substance strengthens the immune system - but it can do even more. It is involved in numerous biochemical processes that would not be possible without it. Despite its importance for the body's own processes, humans cannot produce the important vitamin themselves. It is all the more important that you actively feed it into your body.

    As a supplement to your diet, we offer you the powerful all-rounder in the form of practical drops. They are easy to use, so you can effortlessly fit them into your lifestyle. The dosage is very easy thanks to the supplied pipette and can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

    At this point we will tell you exactly why you should include our high-dose vitamin C drops in your diet and how the vital substance affects your health.

    You absolutely have to know this about our vitamin C drops

    • Ascorbic acid is an important vital substance that supports numerous endogenous processes.
    • Gum arabic is a natural emulsifier from the acacia tree.
    • Ascorbic acid strengthens the body's immune system.
    • With its antioxidant effect, it helps to protect the cells.
    • Thanks to micellar technology, our drops have increased bioavailability.

    What is vitamin C good for?

    Vitamin C strengthens the body's defenses and thus contributes to a healthy immune system. It makes it easier for the body to absorb iron from food and supports the nervous system. In addition, ascorbic acid is significantly involved in the energy metabolism of the organism. The blood vessels are dependent on the vital substance in connection with their structure and their functionality.

    With its special importance for the human organism, ascorbic acid is a true all-rounder. The proven health benefits are correspondingly extensive. The vitamin contributes to the health of bones, teeth, cartilage and gums. Ascorbic acid supports the conversion of food into energy and other valuable metabolic processes.

    As an auxiliary substance in the nervous system, ascorbic acid can counteract fatigue and promote concentration. A regular supply of the vital substance in sufficient quantities is associated with a higher level of energy and vitality.

    How does ascorbic acid work in the cells?

    Ascorbic acid unfolds its antioxidant effect in the body and thus contributes to the protection of the cells. This is particularly important in connection with free radicals. These are aggressive oxygen compounds that are missing an electron. To compensate for this, they are extremely reactive and “steal” an electron from healthy cells. The cell structure is damaged so that the cell's internal processes can no longer function smoothly.

    Ascorbic acid stops this process before cell damage can occur. It serves as a so-called radical scavenger and thus fulfills a central task in the body. Free radicals are a waste product created during normal cell processes. There are also external environmental toxins such as nicotine and UV radiation. By blocking harmful oxygen compounds, ascorbic acid contributes to the health and beauty of the skin. As a natural anti-aging agent, it can reduce wrinkles and reduce the first signs of premature skin aging.

    With our high-dose drops, you supply your body with a sufficient amount of the vital substance. Thanks to our innovative micellar technology, the substance has increased bioavailability, so that your body can absorb a larger proportion of the vital substance.

    What is the daily requirement of vitamin C?

    The daily requirement of ascorbic acid depends on your age and gender. As a man you need an average of 110 mg per day, as a woman you should supply your body with around 95 mg daily. Important to know: Your body cannot produce the vital substance itself. Instead, you have to actively provide it with it. Vitamin C is a water-soluble substance that your body cannot store well. A regular supply is important.

    The cases of scurvy show what consequences an undersupply can have on people. The disease primarily affected pirates who suffered from deficiency symptoms at sea. As a result, their teeth fell out and their cognitive performance decreased.

    In food you can find the substance in citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits. But certain types of vegetables also contain a high proportion. Examples are red peppers, spinach, horseradish, and some cabbages. You can also supply your body with the vital substance through your food as part of a vegan diet.

    Our liquid food supplements with micellar technology are a sensible addition to dishes containing fruit and vegetables. You can easily incorporate them into your everyday life and thus increase your intake even more - mix the drops in your smoothie, for example.

    The right application

    For an optimal effect, you should include our dietary supplements in a healthy, balanced diet. Please also note the consumption recommendation on the back of the bottle. For our vitamin C drops, the recommended daily dose is five drops.

    The liquid dosage form makes it easy to take. Use the pipette in the lid to add the required amount to water, juice or any other liquid of your choice. You are free to decide when you take the drops.

    High-dose vitamin C drops for your diet: Order the all-rounder conveniently at home via our online shop and experience the positive effect the vital substance has on your health.

    Vitamin C Mizellen MyNatur Hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
    Vorteile und Wirkungen von Vitamin C und der Mizellentechnologie
    Vitamin C Mizellen MyNatur Hohe Bioverfügbarkeit Etikette
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    Vitamin C Mizellen MyNatur Mizellentechnologie Hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
    MyNature Vitamin C

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